Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My speech is imperfect. Not because I want to shine with words, but out of the impossibility of finding those words, I speak in images. With nothing else can I express the words from the depths.

Carl Jung, The Red Book, p. 230


Red Herring said...

Acta non verba! ;)

Jen Brimmage said...

well how can you act on it when you cannot articulate it internally? :p

anyway, I'm learning Latin (in a very unexpected, round a bout way).
I'm homeschooling my youngest two.

it's a classical model curriculum: the trivium: Grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.

formal Logic
writing / debate
research / science / astronomy

I'm taking this ONE DAY at a time...because... how else can I do it?

Jen Brimmage said...

p.s. this "cycle", we are studying US history. What a time to be studying our own government!

Beantown AntiFacist said...

well how can you act on it when you cannot articulate it internally?

Well, it's not a very good method for pro-activity. But it is a good method of judging what "others" truly want/mean, for their "speech" and "words" are often contrary and intentionally/unintentionally deceptive. In other words, judge others by their actions, not their words.

The Left is filled with "activists" who poo-poo "theory" (ie - Chomsky). Zizek is a "theory" guy, trying to come up with the proper thoughts that should precede action, asking the right "questions" (and not soley attempting to answer the improperly formulated questions posed by "ohters" in so-called "authorty" [gov/university]).

Beantown AntiFacist said...

ps -Good luck with curriculum!

Beantown AntiFacist said...

Interpretting the meaning of "symptoms" (actas) or the "passage al acte" is what the Analyst does.

Ducky's here said...

Jen, I believe you're in the Fort Worth area and away from any serious hurricane threat.

I certainly hope you're well.

Jen Brimmage said...

Hey Ducky, yes I'm in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and we won't be getting any dangerous weather. Thank you for asking.