Thursday, July 17, 2014

This Jeep was fun.

My grandfather would use it to drive from the house to the fields, and he'd let us ride along.

He never really went fast, but it sure felt like it.

My heart would race....there were no doors! The wind in my face, my little hands gripping my cousin's arm. I loved it. The smell of the dirt and water. Motor oil. The light blue sky. I wanted to cry with happiness.


I used my Crown Graphic to take this photo. I use this camera because it forces me to be more mindful, and to slow down. slow way down. I sweat when I use this camera. There's so much to remember. I have a strange mix of pleasure and pain, because while it's incredibly fulfilling, I inevitably miss some little detail. In this photo, I neglected to push the dark slide all the way back in after the previous shot, so there's a light leak on the right.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pentax ME Super, Kodak ProBW CN 400, daily things

Pentax ME Super, Ilford XP1 400, developed in Tetenal kit (first time developing C41), no editing.


What is interesting?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lubbock, TX

My first attempt at developing C41 film. I had two rolls: one expired roll of Ilford XP1, and a roll of Kodak BW400CN. I can't say I'd choose this film again, as the contrast is too low for my taste.


In other news, I realized during this trip "back home" that I don't miss it as much as I used to. I don't think about returning, like I used to. I enjoy seeing friends and family, but it doesn't have a grip on me anymore. Having said that, my current home isn't "home", either. I feel, at this point, that "home" is wherever I am at the moment....and I like that very much.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Polaroid 250, Fuji 100C.
This fellow is friends with the guy in the previous photo. He's a retired philosophy / biology teacher. (We were just around the corner from a major University.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Polaroid Land Camera 250, Fuji 100C
Lubbock, TX
June 2014

This is outside of my favorite coffee shop in Lubbock. This guy was studying his chess board when I asked him if I could take his photo. He was reluctant and seemed suspicious. I explained that I just liked taking photos with my old camera, and he got on board. In fact, he asked all about the camera and became quite enthusiastic.

He was particularly proud of his wooden chess set, and invited me to join the local chess club, which meets at the coffee shop every Friday night at 6.

These ladies were from Louisiana, but were in Texas for a family reunion. I asked them if I could take their photo, and as usual, they laughed. People think it's funny when I ask for their photo. Anyway, they were very sweet, and I think they enjoyed having their picture made. 
*Notice the bandage on the lady's foot on the right. We were both complaining about our feet hurting, and had both just bought a new pair of shoes. 

Polaroid Land Camera 250, Fuji 100C, double exposure in Jefferson, TX