Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What can I say, except that blogging is no longer a catharsis?

I don't know what it is anymore. It's a rare occurrence, for one thing.
Anyway, as usual, there's far more going on underneath the surface than it appears.

It's good, though. Good, deep roots growing, with plenty of rain. :p

1. I'm tired of funerals and illnesses. It doesn't matter how "squared away" I think I am on the subject of death and dying, when it really happens I have a little mini-crisis. It's different now, though. It's all on the inside....which I prefer.

2. The change of seasons still slows me down and makes me a little blue. I guess it always will.

3. I am learning to forgive. I don't need to have justice served to know that I've done no wrong. Instead of feeling hurt, I can see that it's not even about me.

4. I still have these little nihilistic moments, and I hate them. I think they come from not being mindful...when I'm more of an automaton in my own life. Looking at family photos and taking care of myself tends to get me back to right.

So, tell me what's going on with you. What are you reading? How are you feeling? (tell me!)

Thursday, October 1, 2015


People were in really good spirits on this night. The city kept all of the family friendly activities on one end of the square, and allowed all of the beer vendors on the other end. I think it worked out well.

First time using Ilford HP5 Plus, 400 ISO
Minolta Maxxum 700
D76 developer x 12.5 minutes