Thursday, November 3, 2016

Remember my comment recently about how "some people show up well-dressed, five minutes early, and cheerful"?


I've envied her for years. I admit it.

A few weeks ago I was shopping when she bumped into me. 
She literally fell into my arms. 

She cried hard, telling me how out of control life desperate and hopeless she was. She said she'd lost herself 22 years ago. Twenty two years.

I just held on. And then I cried a few tears of conviction, for being judgmental and jealous, assuming that her life was perfect, when she was in such incredible pain. It really did look perfect from the outside. Seriously.

But as I walked away, I felt so...convicted. You know? When a life-lesson hits you right in the face? STOP ENVYING OTHERS.

It steals my gratitude and turns it into dissatisfaction. 
It creates intense, dangerous discontent.
And it's a LIE.

Everyone suffers.

some folks just work a lot harder at hiding it.
and that in itself is a form of suffering, I suppose.