Saturday, July 23, 2016


verb  for·give \fər-ˈgiv, fȯr-\
Popularity: Top 10% of words

Simple Definition of forgive

  • : to stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong) : to stop blaming (someone)
  • : to stop feeling anger about (something) : to forgive someone for (something wrong)
  • : to stop requiring payment of (money that is owed)

  • Forgiveness has always been an interesting topic to me. When I was younger, I saw forgiveness as a characteristic of highly "spiritual" people. I saw it as a choice that one made because they could. Now I see forgiveness as a necessity. When the pain of holding a grudge becomes harder to bear than the humility it takes to forgive, then I must forgive. Humility isn't the right word. What word describes the ability to forgive? Actually, humility might be the right word. Because....who am I to NOT forgive?