Friday, February 23, 2018


Crown Graphic 4x5, FP100

even now, as i try to get out of myself
i am pulled in
but i see a change taking place
in my heart
where i was sharp and unmoving
now i am soft and forgiving
where i once expected perfection
i now embrace reality
i remember being that age
and it moves me to compassion
i pray daily for mercy, because i need it
(help me get outside of myself)

Friday, February 16, 2018

i can't think of a title

i close my eyes
i see her, standing in the corner with gray clothes
and a tight look on her face, full of fear and anger

her arms crossed so tight. hands cold.
and her soul cluttered, shaking
tightness squeezing her lungs and heart

there's more to her.

i tell her i love her. indeed i do. she has saved me. rescued me
when i was alone and unable. she's a badass who knows the law
she stands up and commands respect and i love her

she's driven and determined.

she lowers her hands and i see her smile. she looks like me.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Mississippi Delta

I hope I can go back soon.

This is Robert Johnson's grave, supposedly.

The land has held on to so many memories, horrible and haunting, and it was palpable. I can't say why I loved it so much, but I did. Maybe it reminded me of the flat plains and cotton fields where I grew up, but the melancholy was intense, and undeniable.

Having lived my whole life in Texas, I thought I knew "The South"...but this was different. It tasted, smelled, looked, sounded, and emotionally felt different. The people were softer and less guarded.  There was a sense of defiance in the air...and I liked that. And the history, it just brought me to my knees. Seriously, I was emotionally exhausted after 5 days, and as much as I loved being there I had to leave.

I know I'll go back though.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Just checking in...

I developed film last night, and it was wonderful.  (I seem to forget how good this is for my soul. And it's become clear to me that I care far more about the process than the end results. In fact, when I really give myself over to the process, the end results are SO much better!)

What are you doing to survive the harsh winter / politics / gender wars of 2018?

Do you ever feel like your life is oddly unfamiliar to you?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Edmund Teske!!!

These "discoveries" make me so happy and excited. Excited, really, because it motivates me to get back into the darkroom. How is it that this photographer isn't one of the big names mentioned in every Photo 101 class? 

Anyway, check out the "duotone solarizations" and the "abstractions" galleries. AMAZING.