Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NYC feet on the street

I really did enjoy New York, even though it was total sensory overload. I think people are fascinating...their clothes, their faces, their SHOES. I decided on day 4 or 5 that I wanted to snap a few shots of shoes. So I did. I personally prefer the nighttime shots, as they have a bit more mystery to them. I also prefer them in color, as it tells more about the person wearing the shoes. 


Thersites said...

Carpet installer? The kneepads just seem out of place.

Ducky's here said...

And they call themselves a fashion capital.

Jen Brimmage said...

FJ, I think he was doing construction in midtown.

Ducky, it was so much more mellow than I anticipated...minus Times Square. The fashion was really understated. I'm more familiar with San Francisco, so NYC was MILD in comparison.