Thursday, July 2, 2015

I feel like posting some of my favorite music lately. There's so much good happening right now.  I see so much love and grace all around me. 

I realize how much growth I have in store.  I see how far I have to go to be the woman I want to be. 

Still, I can go from hopeful to hopeless in no time at all, and I would love to outgrow that mentality. I do still get tossed with the wind.

I've realized lately how some of us tend to be "all heart". It's just too bad we try to hide it with what's in our heads. The heart is far more important.


Thersites said...

And nothing brings out the heart like a good music vid! :)

My son did a lot of musicals when he was growing up. The music in them always brought out his emotions and allowed him to "channel" the character he was playing, be it Valjean from Les Mis, or Dodger in Oliver.

Jen Brimmage said...

So true, Fj! Theater is such a great outlet. I wish my kids had the nerve to participate. I guess they're too self-conscious.