Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fridges III

Wilhelm says...

Jen Brimmage wanted to see the contents of peoples' fridges. 

The picture is taken right after restocking. I don't think there's anything really exciting food wise in the picture except possibly a jar of strawberry jam on the top shelf with a skull and crossbones drawn on it - to remind me that a friend managed to get deadly gluten bread crumbs in it.

Next to it sits a jar of pickled herring, it might be exotic to some I guess. It tastes pretty much like you'd expect raw fish to taste like - sushi. 

Photo nerds can spot the packaging of a roll of Tri-X on the second shelf in the door.  I keep my film deep frozen but if a roll is defrosted for a photo project but not used I stick it in the fridge. There are some Shanghai GP3 and Lucky SHD-100 there as well, out of sight.

The white plastic bags with red boxes on the bottom right contain  750 sheets of expired AGFA X-Ray film that I shoot in my large format cameras. The freezer is full of dog food so I couldn't fit them in there.

Taking the picture was a challenge, I had to find the charger for my camera. The previous pictures on the memory card were taken on 13th of December last year. My digital camera does not see a lot of action. :-)  I had to put my cheap kit lens on it to get a wide enough angle to actually fit the fridge in the picture.

(Thank you, Wilhelm! And thanks for the extra film geekery. I love it!)


-FJ said...

I want to know how he avoideded the twenty-varieties-of-jelly syndrome that my refrigerator seems to have caught... ;)

Jen Brimmage said...

My fridge has jelly and pickle syndrome, FJ.

nicrap said...

Yes, blame your fridge for the faults of your belly! :p

Z said...

PICKLED, too. On Triscuits!
This is a fun exercise, Jen.

Jen Brimmage said...

Z....send me a pic of your fridge. :-)

Jen Brimmage said...

nicrap, it's not my belly's fault, really!

It's my faulty memory.
Every time I go to the store, I buy a jar of pickles, thinking we're out of them. :p
Pickles and tomato sauce. I have an abundance.