Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vacation, color film, and I feel kinda monochrome...

I think I would like my next vacation to be somewhere outside of Texas.
Thing is, when you live in a state this big, that's a chore. 
We drove 11 hours this time. 

We were still in Texas. 

11 hours

Anyway, this lady was sitting outside of a bar, waiting for her friends to join her. 
We were waiting to be seated at a restaurant. 
I asked for a photo. 
She obliged. 
Then she blinked. 
But I like it, even so.

South Padre Island, TX
I think I'll leave my cameras at home next time.
Cameras and sand don't mix well.

And this is my second time to develop color negative film at home.
Odd results.
Fujicolor Superia X-tra 400, that was in the bottom of a camera bag that I bought at a thrift store.
Nikon FG, which I like quite a bit, but the manual focus is not quite as easy as it once was. 



Thersites said...

The colours in the last photo are certainly rich, if not entirely "accurate".

btw - I love the purple and shades of blue in the first photo. Very "cool" looking. :)

Jen Nifer said...

Yes, I think that aside from the photos of the kids, that one is my favorite.

This film is interesting. I took a few pictures indoors that seemed to have perfect color. It might be made for incandescent light...

Jen Nifer said...

"the kids" being my kids.

Thersites said...

Of course! :)

Duckys here said...

Looks like an algae bloom, Jen.

Jen Nifer said...

Yes, it does!

I know it's weird, but I seem to freeze up when shooting color film. Everything looks like a posed snapshot...minus the algae bloom.