Friday, April 25, 2014

These were taken with my Crown Graphic 4x5 camera, on paper negatives. I created contact prints (on the left), and scanned them together to create a diptych.

Pentax Super ME. They were sitting an an outdoor cafe and I snapped a few.

Brownie Hawkeye camera, 120 film. Venice. 2012.

Yashica Mat EM, TMax 400, My Friend, 2014


Jen Nifer said...

I just have to say that my kitchen isn't quite as funky as the photo would have you believe. :-)
black and white + poor lighting don't help the situation.

Thersites said...

I thought that maybe I was just flashing back to the seventies... ;)

Jen Nifer said...

Very funny FJ.

I'll have you know this kitchen is straight out of 1980!


Duckys here said...

The Brownie shot is kind of growing on me.

Jen Nifer said...

I originally scanned the negative and corrected the contrast (2 years ago), but this is a print. Man, it's SO much more difficult to correct a contrasty negative IN the darkroom!

Ducky, have you heard of this photographer?

Jen Nifer said...

By the way, Duck, I think that you introduced me to the blog Faded and Blurred. Have you ever listened to the podcast (On Taking Pictures)?

I definitely recommend it.

-FJ said...

o/t - Kawanio che Keeteru!

Duckys here said...

I have not Jen.

I'll subscribe on the iPod.