Sunday, January 19, 2014

I hummed the Dies Irae while you played the Hallelujah
Leave me to myself, oh lead me to my cell.


-FJ said...

Great song.


Like there might be some "change in in the wind!"

Scorpio (death) -> Libra ->(judgement) -> then Virgo (renewed innocence)

Chandelier falling -> Dies Irae -> Hallelujah

Jen Nifer said...

Interesting. I hear a struggle to accept his lack of faith.

"If you were made to serve a master, you'd be frightened by the open hand, frightened by the hand.
Could I be made to serve a Master?
Well I'm never gonna understand. Never understand."

Thersites said...

The Big Other is a logical necessity of the Symbolic Order...whether you believe in a G_d or not.