Monday, January 13, 2014


Duckys here said...

Finally got on on the street again. Been using the weather as an excuse to get lazy although winter isn't as target rich.

Lot of boarders out today. Got me to thinking, why don't you ever see skateboarders yammering on their cell phones.

The last anarchists.

Jen Nifer said...

good for you, duck. I don't like being out right now, either. I'm looking at getting a new printer so I can have more freedom to create negatives for cyanotype, etc. (but that in itself is an excuse to not work...)

it's a weird thing...I got my first smartphone in the mail today. I already feel shitty. :P I wanted it for the lightmeter app and pandora, so I think I'll disconnect the monthly service and just use it for the apps. I have no problem with a crappy old mobile phone to make calls.

It's such a weird internal struggle between technology and old-school. My friend Marcus calls me a neo-Luddite.