Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Road Trip

July was miserably hot in Texas. It gets to a point where nobody wants to go outside. It's even hot inside. The a/c is running non-stop. And it gets old. That's when your typical Texan heads to New Mexico! (I think that most New Mexicans and Coloradans cringe when they see Texas license plates. Oh well.) It's the fastest way to get some relief from the summer heat.

We drove through Roswell on our way to Cloudcroft. Have you ever been to Roswell, NM?

If you're going that way anyway, you should stop and check out the alien museum. It's hilarious. And a little bit creepy if you've been watching The X Files on Netflix. Just sayin'.

Anyway, we stayed for a few days in Cloudcroft, and I was there just long enough to decide that I could live in a blue state if I could have a sweet little cabin in the woods. Seventy degrees in August? I'm in.

We took several long walks and had staring contests with the Aspen trees.

I taught my daughter about depth of field...

And we stayed outside most of the time.

On our last full day, we visited White Sands National Park in Alamogordo. It's a magical place, and something that we should all experience at least once.

We met a really sweet couple from Baltimore, going on a cross-country road trip. I love meeting people while traveling. It gives the trip more of a purpose and pleasure.

So, what have you been up to this summer? Traveled any? New experiences to share? Tell us.


Thersites said...

A couple from Baltimore? My son and DIL were just out there... and all I got was an "Atomic City" tee shirt. ;(

Seriously, they went to Roswell and White Sands, too! They're a regular pair of Sci-fi nerds.

Z said...

love the pix...hate the heat, too.

Jen Brimmage said...

That's funny FJ! I thought of you when they said they were from Baltimore. These kids were in their late 20's. Unfortunately they were more concerned with tweeting the whole experience than actually experiencing it. :p The guy friended us on FB, and his name is Chad.

That part of NM is perfect for nerdy folks. I think they still do missile testing in Alamogordo.
And according to Chad, a lot of people make a stop in Albuquerque to visit Walter White's house from Breaking Bad. lol

Jen Brimmage said...

Thanks, Z.
We are having such a nice drop in temperatures lately. It's been rainy and in the 80's. MUCH better than your typical August in Texas.

Thersites said...

Nope, not them (early 30s)...Sean and Rachael. It is a small world, though... ;)

Ducky's here said...

If I were in Roswell. I'd make it a point to visit Trump campaign headquarters.

Don't know how you manage the constant heat.
Been dry, hot and humid this summer. I hate it.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed your trip, Jen.

Jen Brimmage said...

It IS A small world. I like that. :)

Jen Brimmage said...

Ducky like I said, go visit the Alien Museum.;)

Right now it's raining hard and I love it. And I don't tolerate the heat well. I hate it too! I'm planning a lot of short road trip for this Fall.

Life Changes and Photography said...

I live an hour away from Roswell. Most of us here in NM drive up to Cloudcroft to escape the heat. Beautiful up there. Carlsbad is pretty hot in the summer as well. The desert is unforgiving.Great photos. But on your next trip visit Ruidoso as well. Really gorgeous up there.

Jen Brimmage said...

Hwy there! Thanks for stopping by! We actually spent half of our time in Ruidoso. And I agree it's lovely!