Sunday, January 24, 2016

more imperfections, more horizons, life

I love seeing the cotton before it's harvested. Beauty is all around us, if we're willing to see it.

The thing about the horizon is that one second it inspires wonder in me, and the next I am lost

with that uncomfortable wide-open loneliness

i am always telling them "you're never alone", but i don't always believe that

when i'm alone, i think of so many things to tell you and ask you, then when i get the chance i forget it all

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.


Ducky's here said...

I wonder how Boston escaped with just 4 inches when the rest of the east coast was slammed.

Must be Mother Nature making up for last year.

Ducky's here said...

Really like the shot of the trees reflection.

Nice soft focus.

nicrap said...


Jen Brimmage said...

I don't know why Boston didn't get more's kind of similar to the tornados that hit our area recently. They'd destroy one house completely and not even touch the neighbors.

The shot of the trees was taken on a very foggy morning.

Thersites said...

... and I hope you dance. ;)

Jen Brimmage said...


Jen Brimmage said...

You too, FJ!

nicrap said...
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nicrap said...

Do a tango you two! :p

Thersites said...

Sure that you don't want to join us in a "line" dance? ;)

-FJ said...

...and sing along?

Raw, crispy, I am a virgin youth
I am sweet nut, oh God..

My (thorny eyes), which, when touch, cut
hearts one after another, oh God..
So use the opportunity, make a deal today
You give me your heart, instead I'll give you
a hug, take it now only
I won't be meeting you again..

Hug.. give me a hug
Kiss by lips.. give me
a hug..

You walked every street, hugging people
You walked every street, hugging people
If you see me too
I'll be lucky

If you want to be lucky
and to be lost in my arms
come and listen to my demand
On the corner of the crossroad
gold is sold
Instead of the gold jewellery, I'll give you
a hug, take it now only
I won't be caught again

My style is very special
My style is very special
Any baby who see it, gives her heart to it

If you show your style, you will lose by yourself
I am going, taking my hug with me

No, no, no, fair girl
I have left style
Take anything, but instead give me
your hug, give it now only
I won't be caught again


nicrap said...

Hehe. nice lyrics. :)

-FJ said...

Not every translation survives intact... ;(

-FJ said... least the spoken parts. ;)

nicrap said...