Thursday, June 26, 2014

Insomnia results in some weird photos. It's much better now...the insomnia. I drink herbal tea in the evenings.


How are you?



nicrap said...

toldja. heh. ;)

Thersites said...

How am I? A bit frustrated, at the moment. After quaternion's, I can't seem to find any interesting new concept to explore. I think I've exhausted Zizek... and don't know where to go to from here.

I could go down another rabbit hole, but what would be the point?

Lacan formalised Freud just as Hamilton formalised quaternions.

Is consistency in error REALLY that important?

A friend of mine's son recently graduated from the Writer's Workshop. Maybe its' time that I returned to my neurophilosophy.


Thersites said...

One point for nicrap from the link above...

As for how these ideas emerge, almost all of my subjects confirmed that when eureka moments occur, they tend to be precipitated by long periods of preparation and incubation, and to strike when the mind is relaxed—during that state we called REST. “A lot of it happens when you are doing one thing and you’re not thinking about what your mind is doing,” one of the artists in my study told me. “I’m either watching television, I’m reading a book, and I make a connection … It may have nothing to do with what I am doing, but somehow or other you see something or hear something or do something, and it pops that connection together.”

Jen Nifer said...

yes you did, nicrap. the odd thing is...sometimes the thought(s) keeping me awake are so vague. I can't even articulate it clearly. It's more of a feeling than a thought.

Jen Nifer said...

I could go down another rabbit hole, but what would be the point?


Exactly. Maybe learning to "be still" is something to explore.


Jen Nifer said...

FJ, on second thought...after following that link you provided to the Writer's Workshop, I think that neurophilosophy would provide a lifetime of study.

but it can't hurt to be still for a minute. :-)

Duckys here said...

I enjoy that shot, Jen.

Your abstracts are always interesting.

Low 70's here, bone dry air, got out on the harbor and had a chocolate cannolo at Maria's on the way home.

Life is slow.

Jen Nifer said...

Thanks, Duck. I'm glad you enjoy it.

Low 70's?? Low 90's here with humidity in the 80's. pretty typical summer so far. I've enjoyed the rain, though. We are still in the midst of a pretty severe drought.

Life isn't slow here, but it's still good. :-)

Jen Nifer said...

chocolate cannoli?
I hope you had a good cappuccino with it.

My favorite is tiramisu SOAKED with coffee, and a caffe corretto (if I"m lucky...).