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Italy part 2

Why did it seem so surreal? So much that it felt impossible to be present in the moment. I tried. I suppose I'll have to go back and try harder next time.  This photo was taken in Cortona, just outside the city center. The whole villiage is perched on a steep hillside, and the views overlooking Tuscany were amazing. I'm pretty sure this flowering vine is Jasmine, because it smelled amazing. While we were in Cortona, a few memorable things happened.  We witnessed a slow motion Italian road rage incident. Both men hopped out of the (tiny) cars and gave 98 hand gestures per minute, while yelling at one another. No guns were brandished, and they both walked away without incident.  We had a fantastic meal al fresco...and I bought myself some perfume. It's incredible. It smells just like a perfume I would create just for me.  I'm fairly certain this is in Cortona. I will always be fascinated by small side streets.  This is inside the duomo in Siena. It was very crowded, and I

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